With summer coming up quick, it’s important to remember one of the most important items that is necessary to use everyday- sunscreen.

Not all sunscreens are made equal, and you might not even know there are different options available, such as mineral sunscreens.

Mineral sunscreens provide effective protection against sun damage, premature aging and skin cancer. While traditional sunscreens also provide these benefits, here are 3 additional benefits to using mineral sunscreens.

Less skin irritation for sensitive skin

For people with sensitive skin, mineral sunscreens can be a life saver. Since the ingredients of mineral sunscreens aren’t absorbed directly into the skin it creates less irritation to sensitive skin.

Chemical sunscreens can cause irritation because their ingredients penetrate the skin.

Mineral sunscreens aren’t absorbed directly into the skin which means less irritation to sensitive skin.

Protect your skin immediately after application

Because chemical sunscreens are absorbed into the skin, they can take half an hour to begin working, which is why you should apply prior to being in the sun.

Since mineral sunscreens protect the skin by shielding the sun’s rays they’re effective as soon as they’ve been applied to your skin.

Less acne irritation

When you have issues with acne, using sunscreen is something you might try avoiding. Chemical sunscreens can in fact aggravate acne.

To avoid your mineral sunscreen causing skin aggravation to acne and blemishes, look for the word “non-comedogenic” which basically means it won’t cause clogged pores.

Which mineral sunscreen is best?

Not sure which mineral sunscreen is for you? We recommend Jane Iredale and Coola products. See this video from Coola below which features their Mineral Baby Organic Sunscreen Stick SPF 50.

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