Massage Therapy – Day Spa

Our Massage Services are provided by both Registered Massage Therapists and certified Aestheticians to allow for a variety of techniques to promote relaxation, reduce stress, relieve muscle tension or assist in the rehabilitation of injuries. 


Relaxation Massage with Aestheticians

60 minutes – $90

45 minutes – $75

30 minutes – $60


Stress Cure – $25
Melt all of your stress away with the incorporation of a rich blend of essential oils into a massage of the back, neck, shoulders and scalp. 

Aromatherapy Oils – $25
Enhance your massage treatment with an essential oil blend to improve emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.  Choose between relaxing, invigorating or detoxifying oils.

Hot Stones – $25
Using smooth, heated Lava stones and various massage techniques, the effect is a soothing treatment that promotes the relaxation of the body and mind to their deepest level.

Heated Paraffin – $25
Heated paraffin is applied to the body in order to further relax the muscles, moisturize the skin and provide a “satin touch”, yet intense massage.  Choose from a 1-hour paraffin back massage to the ultimate 2-hour full body paraffin massage.

Couples Massage

We have two rooms offering side-by-side Massages which are ideal for couples, family or friends who want to spend their time relaxing together! * Note: Priced per person must be booked in advance.