The cold weather doesn’t do your skin any favours, but you can do things to help relieve and sooth your dry skin. If you find yourself with dry skin on your face, hands, lips and arms, here are some winter skincare tips to relieve dry skin this winter.

Professional skin treatments

During the summer, we put so much more focus on our skin; using SPF, moisturizing and scheduling pedicures and facials. Sometimes in winter, we forget that scheduling skin treatments can be so important.

Schedule ahead and be confident with your glowing, beautiful skin during the holiday season, and throughout the winter. By scheduling a Revitalizing facial, Renewing, or even an Express HydraClean facial, can help your dry skin during winter months.

Stay hydrated

Your skin will become drier with the colder weather and using your central heating, which can often dry out your home and your skin. When you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of water, and keep hydrated during the day, with plenty of water and green tea which has great antioxidants.

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Cucumber infused hydrating water with thyme and lime can be a refreshing way of staying hydrated.

Prevent chapped hands

Hands are often one area of the skin that gets dry and sometimes chapped and sore in the winter months. Avoid unnecessary washing, use warm water versus hot water, and when washing dishes, use gloves to protect your hands.

For extremely dry skin on your hands, at night apply a generous amount of hand cream and then put cotton gloves on. After a few nights of this routine, your chapped skin will start to heal and give you some relief.

Use lip balm

People may forget about protecting their lips during the winter and then lips become chapped. Use a hydrating balm regularly, to try to stay ahead of the dryness.

When choosing a lip balm, try finding one that contains any of these oils: calendula, almond, jojoba, coconut, sunflower, or aloe vera and shea butter. Avoid using matte lipsticks during winter because these may dry out your lips further.

Remember to protect your lips when you go outside, as the cold and wind can cause more chapping. An overheated homes can dry out your home and cause further irritation to lips, so consider a home humidifier which can help.

For more tips to relieve dry skin, read 8 Tips to Sooth Dry Skin.

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