Ayurvedic Treatments with Holistic Practitioner

All treatments listed below provide you with a senses journey

Abhyanga Massage                                                             60 minutes – $108.00   

60 Minute massage that uses warm oil massaged via a certain technique into the body, this treatment helps to reduce stress and relaxes the central nervous system.

Ayurvedic Hot Stone Massage                                         60 minutes – $118.00

Heated with basalt stones using similar Abhyanga massage techniques, radiates a soothing heat that brings you into a deeper relaxation.

* Cold stone therapy can be provided, request upon booking*  

Ayurvedic Rituals Facial                                                    60 minutes – $128.00

Designed to take you into an inner journey of awareness and full rejuvenation, using Skin Rituals line of products which consists of natural botanicals and essential oils.

Indian Head Massage  (Including senses journey)       45 minutes – $78.00 

Warm oil is massaged into your upper chest, neck, and shoulders and poured over your third eye and massaged with various relaxation techniques into your head and hair.

Ayurvedic Herbal Body Scrub                                          60 minutes – $100.00

With a light exfoliation, using natural ingredients and a customized scent,  replenish and renew the skin. Natural elements included with this scrub are Lavender buds & Rose powder.

Ayurvedic Hand Therapy Treatment                                30 minutes – $48.00

 Stress relieve your hands with a warm oil application, helping to release tension in the fingers. Also included with this treatment, is our stress cure rings to take home as our gift to you.

Ayurvedic Foot Therapy Treatment                                  30 minutes – $48.00

This treatment also provides a light exfoliation to the legs and feet with a warm oil. Experience our copper Kansa wand, which helps to remove toxins in the feet as well as a light pressure point massage.

30 minutes – $38
60 minutes – $88

Natural Facial                                                                       60 minutes – $128.00

Heal Thyself Package                                                                  2.5 hrs – $298.00
  • Abhyanga Massage                                                           
  • Ayurveda Rituals Facial                                                 
  • Hand & Foot Therapy   
  • This package is authentic, stress releasing, which involves healing warm soothing oils and natural skin care line. These treatments are customized for your individual experience. Take yourself into that nirvana state of mind.