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The Team | La Renaissance Day Spa • Beauty Studio

The Team


Robbie Miron • Holistic Practitioner and Makeup Artist

Robbie has been in the spa industry since 2002. From living in cities such as Calgary, Vancouver, and
Toronto, he received the opportunity to work in some of the biggest day spas in Canada.
Robbie has a great understanding of daily operations and guest care. He also first gained makeup skills in
2002 and has since been a master at his craft by educating them about new makeup techniques.
He truly believes wellness is important for everyone and wants each individual to know he or she is
beautiful inside and out. He believes in a positive attitude and loving the little things in life.
Robbie’s passions include music and taking part in improv programs with Second City.
When asked what he loves about his career Robbie said:
“It keeps me young and active. My goal each day is to put a smile on someone’s face and this goal
gets met every day.”

Valerie Vezeau • Aesthetician

Valerie brings exceptional experience to La Renaissance having worked for the past 15 years as a Coordinator and Instructor for Modern College of Esthetics and Hairstyling. 
Neat facts: Valerie was one of the first estheticians to work at La Renaissance when it first opened!  Valerie enjoys spending time with her family and her favourite hobby is being avid kick boxer!


Natalie Gilbert • Aesthetician
Natalie studied at Sudbury Hairdressing School and Glamorous You Academy. She has taken additional training over the years for Misencil Eyelash Extensions and BioSculpture Gel Application. Nat has been in the industry for over 17 years and her specialties include eyelash extensions, waxing and BioSculpture Gel nails. She loves all of her clients whom she has grown close relationships with and enjoys socializing with them and making them feel good. She never goes a day without coffee, glasses, lipgloss and Netflix and when she isn’t spoiling her clients you can find her spending time with her husband, daughters and fur babies.

When asked what she loves about her career Nat said “Being an esthetician allows me the opportunity to focus all of my attention on my clients in a warm and relaxing environment while offering multiple services suited to their individual needs. I am surrounded by an amazing team at the Beauty Studio and each and every one of us makes the atmosphere inviting.”

Charlee Gosselin • Aesthetician
Charlee graduated from Modern College of Hairstyling and Esthetics. She has since furthered her skill set with training in Ayurvedic Massage. She has enjoyed getting to know the esthetics industry over the last year. Her specialties include nail care and Ayurvedic Massages. Charlee believes that beauty should be about enhancing natural features and that sometimes less is more. In her spare time you can find her cooking, crafting or hanging out with her cats; Mable and Tess.

When asked what she loves most about her career Charlee said “I like making people feel good and ensuring that they have a great experience.”

Sabrina Guillet • Aesthetician

Sabrina graduated from the Esthetics program at Algonquin College in 2016. She enjoys being in the esthetics industry as well as being part of the La Renaissance team. Some of her favourite services
include nail care, waxing, relaxation massages and sugar glow treatments. She is very excited to continue growing and learning as an esthetician with great clients and staff by her side.

She believes that as long as you are confident with yourself, nothing else should matter in order to feel beautiful; we are all made uniquely beautiful in our own way.
When asked what she loves about her career Sabrina said: “I love making people feel pure bliss and relaxation when they are here. I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and hearing a little part about each person, and learning new things!”

Aaron Labelle • Aesthetician
Aaron studied at the Academy of Esthetics and has also expanded her skill set by becoming an Eyelash Technician with the Misencil Academy. She has been in esthetics for over 20 years. Her specialties include BioSculpture Gel Application, pedicures and Hydradermie facials. She had grown close to her clients over the years and loves to pamper them. She strives to make sure they look and feel their best and hopes that they always leave feeling special and confident.

When asked what she loves about her career Aaron said “I love my clients! I also enjoy making the Beauty Studio a fun, relaxed and friendly place to come. I love my work family and we all do our best to make our clients feel at home.”

Jennifer Latour • Aesthetician
Jennifer graduated from the Esthetics program at Sheridan College. Jennifer has been in the esthetics industry for over 17 years. Her specialties include nail care and facials – especially the Hydrafacial. She loves giving her clients 100% and sharing her knowledge and experience to help clients achieve their beauty goals. When she isn’t pampering her clients she is spending time with her 10 year old daughter, camping and spending as much time outdoors as possible. Her daily essentials include morning workouts, hugs from her daughter and her FitBit.

When asked what she loves about her career Jennifer said “My clients are the main reason, also I love meeting new people. The spa atmosphere is a relaxing place to work.”

Catherine Lavoie • Aesthetician
Catherine graduated from Versailles Academy of Aesthetics and has since expanded her skill set with the Misencil Academy as an Eyelash Technician. She has been in the industry for over 9 years. Her specialties are waxing, brow maintenance and addressing oily skin and acne concerns. Cat loves meeting new people and making friends along the way. She believes everyone should have time to put themselves first and enjoys helping clients feel good and addressing their concerns. She never goes a day without running shoes, mascara, staying active or her dog.

When asked what she loves most about her career Cat said “We are a great team at the Beauty Studio. We do our best to make the atmosphere fun and enjoyable.”

Angela Macleod • Aesthetician
Angela graduated from the Academy of Esthetics and has since broadened her skill set with BioSculpture Gel Nail training and Ayurvedic Massage training. She has been in the esthetics industry for over 17 years. Her specialties include pedicures and facials— she especially loves the Hydrafacial. Ang loves chatting with all of her clients whether they are regulars or new to the spa and thrives off creating the best experience possible. She never goes a day without coffee and laughter and loves spending time with her family and friends.

When asked what she loves about her career Angela said, “Honestly, my career does not feel like a job. I work in a beautiful environment with amazing co-workers and amazing clients.”

Ashley Reid • Aesthetician
Ashley graduated from Modern College of Hairstyling and Esthetics and has been in the industry for over 8 years. She has since taken further training with the Misencil Academy for the application of eyelash extensions and Biosculpture Gel nail training. Her specialties include Brazilian waxing, brow maintenance and pedicures. Ashley loves that she can help her clients feel confident and happy and that she is given the opportunity to meet new people every day. In her spare time she loves camping, fishing and spending time with her family and friends. Her daily essentials include coffee and snacks.

When asked what she loves about her career Ashley said “Being part of the La Renaissance team and working with the lovely ladies at the studio is what makes my job so special!”

Chasity Morrisette • Aesthetician

Chasity graduated from Modern College of Hairstyling and Esthetics and has been in the industry for over a year. Her specialities include full body waxing and pedicures.
Chasity loves that her clients put trust in her to help maintain their beauty needs. In her spare time, she loves to swim, watch movies, and spend time with her friends, cat and boyfriend. Her daily essentials
include a good book and a cup of tea.
When asked what she loves about her career Chasity said: “My favourite and most gratifying part of my job is meeting new people and seeing the positive reaction of my clients. I love being able to help them see the beauty in themselves.”

Registered Massage Therapists

Michelle Rympel • RMT
Michelle graduated with honors from the Massage Therapy program at Georgian College and has been a Registered Massage Therapist for over 2 years. Her specialties include Pre-Natal Massage, Relaxation Massage and Aromatherapy Massage. She is excited to start additional education in Craniosacral Therapy in the fall. Michelle loves to see her clients leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and believes that in order to take care of others you must first take care of yourself. When she isn’t treating, she can be found exploring the outdoors, travelling or relaxing at the cottage with her 9 year old daughter.

When asked what she loves about her career Michelle said “I love how rewarding it feels to be able to help others ease their pain, whether it is physical or emotional. I enjoy helping my clients with their overall wellness.”

Sharien Morris • RMT

Sharien graduated with honours from the Massage Therapy program at Georgian College. Her specialities include wellness massages such as sports injury, pre-natal and general pain relief, as well as relaxation massages.

Her intention is to use massage therapy to support each client’s health care plan and to provide quality care. She works with a variety of conditions and creates customized and outcome-driven treatment plans for all clients to address their health needs.

Her hobbies include reading and playing golf.

When asked what she loves about her career Sharien said:
“I love being a licensed massage therapist because I enjoy knowing that I am helping people. Whether it’s to relax or because of a specific concern, I want my clients to be as happy as can be.”

Adam Sugrim • RMT

Adam graduated with honours from Humber College in 2017 and has been happily working with his clients towards their healthcare goals ever since.

Adam works within a dynamic range of techniques to meet his clients’ needs, but specializes in rehabilitative, deep tissue, athletic, and trigger-point massages. Whether your main concern is the relief of a sore back and neck, or just to relax at the end of a stressful day, Adam would be happy to help you feel better. When not at La Renaissance, Adam enjoys rock climbing, studying, and generally living an active lifestyle.

Client Services

Tina Loyer

Tina graduated with honours from Modern College of Hairstyling and Esthetics and has been in the industry for over 7 years. She also graduated from the Public Relations program at Cambrian College
with an advanced diploma, in which she further grew her knowledge about customer service, social media, and marketing strategies.

As part of her education, Tina learned a lot about photography and has since found her new passion and talent! She takes numerous photos for work and as a hobby.
In her spare time, Tina enjoys spending time in the outdoors with her friends, family and dogs; camp is her happy place!

When asked what she loves about her career Tina said:
“Our team at La Renaissance has become my family and seeing our clients smile after their service makes my day. La Renaissance has also allowed me to grow as a person and as a professional.”

Kerri Whalen

Kerri Graduated from Sault College of applied arts & technology with an Office Administration Executive Diploma and has been an office administrator for 18 years. When Kerri isn’t working, she enjoys watching movies, being outdoors and spending time with her husband, two daughters, two grandchildren and of course her little yorkie, “Piper”.


When asked what Kerri loves about her job, she says “I love working with people, I enjoy making the spa a fun and friendly place to be. I do my best to make guests feel welcome and at home. I want each and every person to feel magnificent when they leave.”

Kirsten Welter

Kirsten is a young professional student, continually interested in learning and engaging with others. You will always recognize her on the phone or in person as the smiley and bubbly woman who loves to talk and teach others about our services!

In her free time, she collects board games, tends to her many animals, and loves hosting dinner parties. And of course getting pampered at work!

Why does she love La Renaissance?
“Because I love being part of the reason every guest of ours has a good day! Even if it’s just saying hello or booking their next appointment!”